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44 rows · Vintage Score Drink Window Description; Vintage Score Drink Window Drink or hold: Description A return to characteristically dry weather delivers intensely flavored grapes, but yields are low due to a spring frost; refined, terroir-driven Malbec-based wines, especially in prime districts in . Vintage charts summarize the quality and character of the wines from a particular region in a specific year. They are by necessity general in nature, but can help consumers make good choices when faced with unfamiliar wines. They also help collectors determine when their wines will be drinking well.

Remember five years ago, when Pinot Noir was all the rage? And prior to that, when Shiraz from Australia logged time as America’s darling red wine? And even before that, when California Merlot Author: Michael Schachner. Sep 12,  · In the Southern Hemisphere (Argentina, New Zealand, etc) the growing season is from October to April (and vintage-dated with the later year). Wines without a vintage date: Non-vintage wine is made by blending multiple years together. Non-vintage wines are known for their consistent, house style and are usually a good value.

Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world. Argentine wine, as with some aspects of Argentine cuisine, has its roots in the Spanish colonization of the Americas, vine cuttings were brought to Santiago del Estero in , and the cultivation of the grape and wine production stretched first to neighboring regions, and then to other parts of the country. Rankings and scores in the Bordeaux vintage chart are not awarded for a mathematical average of scores. The years in the Bordeaux vintage chart are scored using a rough average based on your chance of randomly purchasing a bottle of Bordeaux wine from the vintage of your choice and have it offer a reasonably good, wine tasting experience.

Jul 08,  · Victor Marcantoni, wine director for Pernod Ricard in Argentina told The Buyer that this year’s vintage reminds him of making wine in the early s. “We importantly still have the skin colour, so we have the fruit forward style but with wines at 13% to %. That is good news for customers in our export markets,” he says. Jun 11,  · Argentina vintage: Good news for producers with a return to ‘normality’ ‘This harvest has been very traditional,’ said Walter Bressia, President of Bodegas de Argentina. There weren’t rains, the day temperatures were warm and the nights were Amanda Barnes.