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May 30,  · Here's what you need to know about an orgasm without ejaculation. Take “dry orgasms” — a phenomenon in which a man orgasms but doesn’t ejaculate — Author: Jeremy Glass. May 05,  · Can you ejaculate without having sex? I'm 18 and for quite some time now I have had the habit of masturbating often. 5 times per week or more. I recently got a girlfriend and realized that sometimes when we had hardcore make out sessions a bit Status: Open.

Are guys able to cum with out masturbating or having sex? lol! seriously? I want to know. Updates: Follow. 0 0. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Are guys able to cum with out masturbating or having sex? but to my astonishment i ejaculated!!! i shot my load without masturbating!! i was shocked.. note: its isn't pre cum (the crystal liquid that. Great Sex Without Intercourse—For Men. Hand-massaging the penis is a major part of sex without intercourse. But is your honey providing the caresses that really excite you?

Dear Reader, Many people experience orgasms differently, men included. In their book, The Sexual Male: Problems and Solutions, Richard Milsten and Julian Slowinski state that, "Orgasm and ejaculation are so closely related that men tend to use the term 'orgasm' to describe the overall experience and sensation, although the two can be desynchronized (i.e., there can be ejaculation without. May 25,  · That is not totally unusual and what previous poster has said is accurate. Being able to ejaculate without an erection is possible, although it is not that common. It is not a problem unless you are unable to ejaculate while erect, at which point that means that you will probably not be able to enjoy sex or something like that.