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Nov 01,  · (You will have a percent probability of having at least one fish of the opposite sex.) Ideally, for reliable breeding you would like to have several good quality males and one female. As goldfish mature, some subtle external differences emerge and this makes it much easier to separate the boys from the girls. Distinguishing Sexes Unless your fish are sexually mature it will be essentially impossible to distinguish the sexes. Determining the sex of even mature fish is not always easy, particularly if the fish are old or overfed and fat.

Jul 05,  · Observe these behaviors carefully, though—sometimes fish of the same sex will try to spawn, unsuccessfully of course. Sometimes spawning pairs of angelfish will “kiss” or lock lips. Sometimes this lip locking can be quick and cute, or even a little aggressive, with the fish chasing one another around the tank%(5). Mar 21,  · Nitrofreak. A: the males are the only ones your gonna catch, you will notice the genitalia has been deleted after being associated with the female for an extended period of time. B: the females ain't putting nothing in their mouth that doesn't belong there anyway so good luck catching one.

Sometimes fish that are dimorphic have very subtle differences and distinguishing them can be difficult, and may not always be apparent. In this case, solving the mystery of gender for these fish should be addressed as if they were monomorphic (i.e., males and females look similar).