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dubai sucks - 15 Shocking Realities About Living in Dubai

Jun 18,  · In no particular other, here are some of the reasons why I left Dubai and won’t probably come back. 1. Human Rights VIOLATIONS. If you mention the word Dubai to anyone around the world they will automatically think of richness and fast development. It’s not the poorest place on Earth, that is true, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fair share of misery going on. May 05,  · Reasons why I think Dubai Sucks. Dubai might look extravagant to most people’s eye. But to me, it’s just a bad version of Las vagas:P Here are the reason why-EXPENSIVE-Why do people want to spend a fortune to go to an adult Disneyland far away from home? Is Dubai really that luxury?

So while I’m sure there are benefits to living in Dubai, tax breaks, multi-cultural environments, and beautiful buildings aside, reconsider your plans to move here if any of the above-mentioned reasons strikes a chord within you. Dubai is a city caught in an identity anewplace.info: Blake Herrin. Apr 25,  · Why Dubai Will Never Be More Than A Transit Stop For Me. Posted on April 25, by Bemused Backpacker — 87 Comments I have given Dubai multiple chances over the many years I have been travelling the world, but the truth is I hate the destination and don’t want to return any time soon.

You would think that Dubai’s well-constructed network of roads would be an absolute pleasure to drive on, but the reality is that despite the crazy speed limit, driving in Dubai absolutely anewplace.info: Angie Harvey. Jun 20,  · This article is the continuation of Why I left Dubai and won’t come back, part 1/2. Please read the first part HERE. 6. WOMEN are not the same as MEN The rules were created by men in a society dominated my men. That says it all. For example, as Author: Zara.