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7 rows · SEXUAL MATURITY RATING (TANNER STAGING) IN ADOLESCENTS - Antiretroviral Bookshelf ID: NBK To follow up with our prior post on breast growth and in the interest of breast education, we'd like to introduce a specific scale of physical development, known as the Tanner Scale. It is used to mark the progression of primary and secondary sex characteristics.

In young women, the Tanner stages for breast development are as follows (Fig. , C): • Stage I (Preadolescent) - Only the papilla is elevated above the level of the chest wall. • Stage II - (Breast Budding) - Elevation of the breasts and papillae may occur as small mounds along with some increased diameter of the areolae. Tanner scale is a well-accepted rating system to assess maturity. In spinal disorders, it is used to assess sceletal maturity, thus growth potential. So, it is important in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. References. Variations in pattern of pubertal changes in girls. W. A. Marshall and J. M. Tanner. Arch Dis Child. June; 44(): –

This page includes the following topics and synonyms: Female Tanner Stage, Female Sexual Development, Female Tanner Staging, Tanner Girls Pubic Hair, Tanner Girls Breast . Tanner Stage Calculator for Girls My breasts are swelling beyond the areola and sticking out a bit, but they are not shaped like a woman's breast. The scale on the calculator goes from to It goes above to represent the additional development that takes place even after growth in height stops.

Jul 28,  · The Tanner scale then, is a: “scale of physical development in children, adolescents and adults which defines physical measurements of development based on external primary and secondary sex characteristics; such as: the size of the breasts, genitalia, development of pubic and axillary hair and, for boys, testicular volume.”.