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Dec 14,  · Marinating chicken breasts tenderizes the meat and adds flavor. So how do you bake a marinated boneless skinless chicken breast? The key is to create a tasty marinade and baking the chicken in the oven until it reaches a minimum internal temperature of degrees Kelly Plowe. Apr 16,  · The best EASY Oven Baked Chicken Breasts with the best chicken marinade wit the perfect simple dinner recipe. Cook once and eat chicken recipes all week! Bake for minutes, or until a meat thermometer place in the thickest part of the breast registers °F. Cook time will depend on thickness of chicken.4/5.

A baked chicken breast is the unsung hero of weeknight dinners. It's far simpler than cooking chicken breast on the stove—and it's guaranteed to please even the pickiest family members. No, oven-baked chicken breast is not the sexiest dinner you’ll ever make (especially if it’s the skinless Author: Elizabeth Laseter. Jan 01,  · Marinated Baked Chicken Breasts. To better control my food allergies, I do a lot of cooking from scratch. Good thing it's one of my favorite pastimes! 16 Delicious Ways to Cook a Chicken Breast in 20 Minutes. Our Crispiest Chicken Recipes. What Chicken Dinners Looked Like Through the Years. Pressure-Cooker Coq au Vin.5/5(4).