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Salt Based: A 30% urea supplement suitable for cattle or sheep grazing dry pastures or stubble. It has the added benefit of containing 15% protein meal which will add much needed by-pass protein during the dry. A hard block but palatable enough to deliver recommended amount of . Protein and urea supplementation. On this page: The need for protein supplements; A number of ingredients must be added to dry lick recipes to reduce the risk of urea toxicity while encouraging adequate supplement intakes by all animals within the group being fed. Types of urea supplements .

Using lick blocks is a popular way of supplying protein to cattle. Blocks are easy to use and with Suitable supplements include cottonseed Urea blocks need to be introduced so that cattle gradually increase their urea intake. Start with 2% blocks at first, then introduce 5% and eventually. Dry licks are a practical way to provide nitrogen (e.g. urea) to sheep when they are protein deficient. They stimulate the sheep's appetite which can increase their intake of pasture by %; therefore, urea supplementation is only useful when sheep have access to a good body of dry feed.

The effects of urea-mineral lick blocks on the liveweight gain of local yellow cattle and goats in grazing conditions. Jian-Xin Liu, Yao-Ming Wu, Xu-Ming Dai, Jun Yao, Ying-Ya Zhou & Yu-Juan Chen. College of Animal Sciences, Zhejiang Agricultural University, Hangzhou , Zhejiang, PRC. Abstract. Principles of Urea Supplementation for Rangeland Cattle "Cattlefacts Levels Your Playing Field" BY: Peter Smith One thousand breeders should eat between 6kg of 30% urea blocks or loose mix each week. Around 1 kg of 30% urea block or loose mix for each breeder each week is a convenient figure to work with. Urea supplements.

98 Effect of urea-mineral lick blocks on liveweight gain pasture only with no concentrate supplements. It is considered that the available energy ingested does not provide the nutrients required by animals for a high level of productivity and therefore a large. Is there any benefit in providing lick blocks to sheep over summer? There is a common belief that the use of lick blocks over summer are beneficial to sheep grazing dry pastures or stubbles. Generally, people say, “we need to provide salts, vitamins and minerals over.