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Whether you’re leveling up a new Vandal character or making your way into Demaha or the Stellin Development Lab, it would only be fitting to make sure you are properly geared for this great adventure. Aion: Mark of the Vandal will let you gear up with new Tier 2 gear featuring more powerful stats. Tough cookie these Adult ID’s. I’d like to play Aion Chinese Open Beta,but dayum, the website keeps rejecting any and all of the ID’s that somehow appear to be working on the link someone posted earlier. I’d need two ID’s generated, gender doesn’t matter, but need to work %, willing to give a small donation via paypal to anyone.

Apr 19,  · With the chinese aion open beta now avabilable to all, i found this guide which is extremely helpfull in getting ingame. The chinese version is alot easier for us to play and with the english patch you can get a early experience of what aion is going to be like. This acc is verified with a chinese adult ID so you can play as long as you. Playing Aion right now and I think I see a cash shop in there Calintz Member Uncommon Posts: 1, Legal Chinese Adult Id? was wondering if this is possible A way of obtaining an Adult ID without use of a list or generator (which I wouldn't do, by the way) I haven't found. There is a service based out of China that will create.

Sep 11,  · //promote give admin rights to player PS: rolemask = 1,2,or 3 to full admin. //revoke characterName revoke admin rights to player //add ID> Adds an item to player inventory //remove ID> Adds an item from player inventory //addset ID> Adds an item set to player inventory //addskill. Aug 28,  · Welcome to the Aion Forums, we’re very pleased to have you here! We want to make these forums a positive environment for you to discuss Aion related topics, and to give us your feedback on the game. To facilitate this, we ask that all members of the forums follow a set of guidelines known as the NCSOFT Forum Code of Conduct; or CoC for short.

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