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Performance-Based Standards for Adult Community Residential Services, Fourth Edition Performance-Based Standards for Adult Local Detention Facilities, Fourth Edition Performance-Based Standards for Adult Probation and Parole Field Services, Fourth Edition. This document comprises the minimum standards for the operation of Community Corrections Adult Residential Centers, and replaces those issued October with the effective date of January 1, These standards are hereby approved for distribution on .

In order to be accredited, facilities must meet the requirements for all applicable mandatory standards and 90% of applicable non-mandatory standards. Due to differences in mission, physical plant, and jurisdictional intricacies, not all standards may apply to a given facility. Standards and Procedures for Adult Residential Facilities Social Development REVISED: September 16, Transition House Refers to “A community placement residential facility that is ensure that the ownership of the Adult Residential Facility operation is.

In fact, many of our residential reentry centers have achieved % accreditation scores, and most rank in the upper 90% range, from ACA’s Commission on Accreditation for Corrections, Performance-Based Standards for Adult Community Residential Services. Licensed, Qualified Staff. The Provincial Standards for Adult Residential Substance Use Services (the Standards) set out in this document have been developed for health authority-funded residential treatment and supportive residential programs and for the aspect of community-based services that provide referrals to these programs. The main intent.