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This is a list of notable deaths, organized by year. New deaths articles are added to their respective month (e.g., Deaths in August ), and then linked here. LISTEN UP Why Are So Many Female Porn Stars Turning Up Dead? Five porn actresses have passed away in the last few months, and the adult industry is searching for Aurora Snow.

The children that have died from vehicular heatstroke in the United States () have ranged in age from 5 days to 14 years. More than half of the deaths (54%) are children under 2 years of age. Below are the percentage of total () deaths and the number of deaths. SUDDEN, UNEXPLAINED INFANT DEATH INVESTIGATION OVERVIEW Over the years, the very existence of SIDS has been debated, largely due to the “catch-all” status many certiiers believe the SIDS diagnosis has gained. The liberal application of SIDS on the death certiicate and the failure to differentiate SIDS from other SUID is one reason.

According to a national study of drowning-related incidents involving children, a parent or caregiver claimed to be supervising the child in nearly nine out of 10 child drowning-related deaths. Two-thirds of drowning deaths occur in the summer, between May and August, and most commonly on the weekends. May 08,  · May 8, -- Baby aspirin may be the best aspirin dose for heart health, according to a new research review. A single pill of baby aspirin contains 81 milligrams of aspirin. That's about a Author: Miranda Hitti.

Jul 18,  · Kiss Of Death: Another Baby Killed By Herpes - West Des Moines, IA - "DON'T LET ANYONE kiss your baby," says a mom in mourning. Why the Author: Simone Wilson.